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Cash Flow Challenge

A Dynamic Business Simulation

Cash Flow Challenge ScreenCash Flow Challenge Screen Cash Flow Challenge Screen

Cash Flow Challenge increases users’ awareness of the key issues of cash flow and the impact that decisions have on this through the use of engaging and exciting online business scenarios.

Understanding the importance of cash flow

Organisations require managers to understand the importance of cash flow and how this is generated within their company. The need to generate cash flow and make financial decisions to help the organisation also needs to be carried out in a way which upholds the integrity of the organisation and the individuals within it.

Target audience

Junior, middle and senior managers, project managers, sales executives, new graduates and other professionals and executives who need to develop their understanding of finance.

What’s included?

The full course is available in online or CD-ROM format. The package is a completely integrated set of learning materials designed for self-study.

What does it offer?

  • Engaging learners through practical scenarios
  • Proven content
  • Post simulation assessment
  • Examples of real life decision making
  • Customisable course content

Course objectives

Cash Flow Challenge uses a series of dynamic simulations to help users:

  • Appreciate some of the key ways in which cash flow can be generated
  • Understand the link between financial practice and ethical conduct
  • Appreciate the options open to decision makers and the resulting consequences
  • Have a new appreciation for the importance of finance in the sales process
  • Bridge the gap between business finance theory and practical application

Simulation outline

Cash Flow Challenge is an online interactive business simulation in which decisions are judged in terms of their effectiveness and integrity.

Users take on the role of the Finance Director of Daisy House, the largest operating division of an established major company. They are given the task of producing a positive cash flow of £1 million within the next month.

The challenger is faced with a number of decisions that must be made in order to reach the target.

Like any real Finance Director, players have a team of people around them, offering advice, opinions and criticisms. This means that during the simulation each user is given a series of scenarios with different individuals and departments within the organisation. These include the Operations, Sales and Finance Departments.

Users also get to interact with the MD, the Bank, external customers and suppliers.

Within each scenario the user is presented with a number of options to choose from and decisions to make, which may or may not generate cash flow.

Some of the decisions the user can make may have a positive effect on the cash flow but have a negative effect on the integrity of the organisation and thus its reputation.

At the end of the simulation, once the month is up, a detailed summary analyses their performance, scoring them according to their decision path and the amount of cash raised.

The simulation can be run through any number of times to see the impact of various decision paths.

Having played the role of Finance Director themselves, this simulation will enable users to bridge the gap between theory and better business practice.

What's next?

If you're interested in Cash Flow Challenge call us on +44 1270 611 600 to discuss your requirements request a quote and we will contact you.

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