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MSP Advanced Practitioner Blended Learning

Corporate Pricing

Call +44 1270 611 600

ILX has a full public schedule of MSP courses and also deliver bespoke, in-house training.

You are best to call +44 1270 611 600 to discuss your requirements directly with a training consultant so that you may be offered the most suitable price and training programme.

Single User Package

£1499+VAT Buy Now Printable Brochure
  • MSP e-Learning course on CD, with MSP exam simulator
  • 2 day Practitioner course - dates & locations
  • 2 day Advanced Practitioner workshop - dates & locations
  • Foundation, Practitioner & Advanced Practitioner exam fees
  • MSP manual, study guide and exercise book

This package was created exclusively by ILX Group in response to public demand for those with the need for a cost effective, fast route to the MSP Advanced Practitioner level qualification.

It includes our renowned accredited MSP e-learning course, which will provide you with all the theory necessary to pass the MSP Foundation exam. This is followed by a 2-day Practitioner course, and a 2-day Advanced Practitioner workshop (the cost of both is included in this package).

Target Audience

This course is designed to take beginners to a MSP Advanced Practitioner level knowledge and suits:

  • Senior managers investigating the benefits of adopting an organisation wide approach to programme management.
  • Programme Managers who need to understand the MSP framework and its practical application.
  • Staff who will have or currently have, a defined role within a Programme and require a detailed understanding of the overall method.
  • Experienced Project Managers.
  • Management Consultants.


Approximately 12 e-learning study hours, followed by a 2-day Practitioner classroom workshop that includes both the MSP Foundation and MSP Practitioner exams. Then attend a subsequent 2 day Advanced Practitioner workshop, with exam on the last day.

MSP Practitioner e-Learning Demo

See What It's Like

Experience the course first hand by viewing our online demonstration where you can view a full product tour of the course features, undertake a course module from the official syllabus and use the MSP exam simulator.


e-Learning Course Features

"Leading edge multi-media and interactive exercises for optimum knowledge retention, user experience and a successful exam result"

Easy to Use Interface
Easy to Use InterfaceClearly presented information that is easy to navigate
Mock Exam Simulator
Template ManagerTest and re-test your knowledge to increase exam confidence
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of MSP terms Handy tool for looking up terms throughout the course
Voiceover and Animation
Voiceover and AnimationLeading edge multimedia and voiceover enhances and improves learning. The course is also available in a readable format for accessibility
Revision Schedule
Revision PadRecord identified key areas of weakness for effective revision
Book Marking
BookmarkingAutomatic book marking lets users dip in and out of the course at their own pace
Sticky Notes
Sticky NotesType, recall and print notes, reminders and thoughts at any point throughout the course
Searchable Course Index
Searchable course indexQuick and easy access to material with key words
FavouritesReference and refer to sections or pages at a later date
Real-time Pause, Advance, Rewind, Skip
Real-time Pause, Advance, Rewind, SkipAllows complete control and self-paced study
Subtitle Pane
Subtitle PaneAllows you to view a text transcript of the narration
Frequently Asked QuestionsQuestions about material in the course based on student experience

Full Support

ILX e-learning includes full tutorial support providing fast one-to-one access to experienced tutors via phone or email within 24 hours so users never feel isolated or stuck.

Benefits of Blending Learning

The term 'Blended Learning' is used to describe the mix of traditional classroom training and 'e-learning' or 'CBT' (Computer Based Training), to provide the most successful overall results.

Blended learning allows you to study the foundations, terminology and other basic elements of the MSP method that are suited to online delivery via computer based training in your own time and at your own pace and then take that knowledge to an intructor-led training course for the practical aspects of MSP and to sit the exams.

This allows different speeds and styles of learning to achieve the same target level of knowledge prior to joining as a group in a classroom course.

Save money on travel, accommodation and out-of-office time

e-learning allows training anywhere, anytime, removing travel and accommodation costs and significantly reducing time off work. You don't even need Internet access for the ILX MSP e-learning course!

Increases exam success rate with special preparation tools

The ILX MSP e-learning course has the unique MSP mock exam simulator which tests and re-tests user understanding and is renowned to increase exam confidence by preparing learners for their exam.

Full support

The ILX e-learning course includes full tutorial support providing fast one-to-one access to experienced tutors via phone or email within 24 hours so users never feel isolated or stuck.

Self paced, self managed study

Self-paced study using automatic book marking lets you dip in and out of the course at any time. Most people spread the e-learning course over 1-2 weeks and when they are ready, book the Practitioner classroom course.

Proven quality and effectiveness

This ILX course is approved and accredited by the APMG and ILX pass rates exceed the national average.

Get your certificate quicker

Over 30 studies show interactive e-learning reduces learning time by up to 50 percent.

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